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Before He Finds You

Marriage PLANS is helping to train women for the opportunity to take on one of the most challenging yet fulfilling roles of their lives: being a wife.

The freshman project, Before He Finds You: The Truth You Need Before You Meet Your Husband, caters to women and is focused on the personal development required to lay a strong foundation in ANY relationship, particularly that between husband and wife.  Marriage is not a promise, but when women take the time to invest in themselves to become all that God created them to be, life's greatest opportunities are met with preparation which pays rich rewards—including in the area of marriage.

Complete with an 18-month calendar and journal, Before He Finds You deals frankly with issues that are often overlooked, but are most influential in the outcome of any relationship. By

          • building a strong support circle of quality women,
          • relying upon God for direction, and
          • focusing your energy on edifying yourself

this book will challenge you to focus on all of you—your whole person—because getting married is not an isolated event, but an all-encompassing life event, and all of you needs to be ready before you say, “I do.”